January 14, 2016 3:51 pm Published by LauraG

As well as their range of trace element additives, OMEX are pleased to announce they are now the UK distributor for DSM Biogas. DSM Biogas develop enzymes solutions for biogas application in order to improve the efficiency of fermentation, mainly of fiber rich substrates (MethaPlus L100) or more substantial cereal based fiber substrates, in biogas production. These include Axiase™ 100, an enzyme especially applicable to cereal based fiber substrates, for instance rye and triticale which are typical biogas substrates in the UK.

The effectiveness of these products has been proven by many investigations and case studies, visit DSMs’ website http://dsmbiogas.de/en-US/Case-Report for further information.

OMEX are currently working with an AD plant based in Shropshire, supplying them enzymes for use in one of their Biogas plants. The product has been very successful and has seen proven results. Axiase™ 100 has helped to decrease plant feedstock viscosity by breaking down the difficult substrates and therefore making it easier to move the mixture through the pumps and valves on site. Axiase has helped to “keep the feeding and biology of the plant consistent and stable”.


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