Dosing Units

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OMEX Environmental Ltd supply and install dosing units for the continuous supply of their sodium and calcium nitrate solutions at sites as well as trials equipment in order for plants to carry out a full-scale product trial without the need to alter any existing infrastructure.

Dosing Units

OMEX supply dosing units designed for the continuous supply of their sodium and calcium nitrate solutions, Anomex, to prevent septicity and odour issues in sewerage systems, sewage treatment works and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. These Dosing Units are available in various sizes and can be tailor-made to specific requirements.

OMEX will visit a site and ascertain dosing requirements to provide the optimum dosing system. The complete unit is delivered on site and supplied with a commissioning fill of OMEX product.


OMEX ensure their dosing units never run out of product. Either by adding them to their predictive delivery records and filling them on a milk-run basis or deliveries are made on a call-off basis as and when the customer requires.


OMEXs dosing units are easy to install and maintain. All that is needed for installation is a suitable flat surface or plinth for the unit, a power supply and means of getting the dosing line to the wet well. The dosing pump is equipped with a fully programmable timer system to enable a range of dosing rates which is also set during installation.

Trials Units

OMEX Environmental Ltd have their own site trials equipment, mainly for trials of their product Magmex. This means that full-scale trials of their products can be carried out on industrial treatment plants without the need to alter any existing infrastructure.

OMEX offer a range of trials units from an IBC flexible dosing plant that can fit in places where space is restricted to bulk trials units for extended trials, dependant on a customers’ requirements.

To obtain a representative spread of results, it is essential that the trial runs until the full quantity of product is used. This will show any fluctuations in production. Depending on the results during the first month, it can be agreed if the trial should be continued for a longer period or if the permanent supply of product can be discussed. During operation, both units are fully supported by our experienced staff, who will also be happy to help with any further enquiries regarding OMEX products and services.