Technical Support

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Technical support and advice is available from the very start of business with OMEX, from sample analysis in a fully equipped laboratory, to the recommendation of daily dosage rates of the required chemical for treatment plants, to tailor made nutrient solutions specifically designed for individual requirements.

Biological Support contracts are available upon request to fulfil specific operating licence requirements, giving you peace of mind that you are receiving expert advice from our Technical Team with regular analysis and telephone support to discuss daily operations or quickly troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as on site visits to assist in plant operations.

  • Nutrient Profiling

    OMEX offer a nutrient profiling service to all their new and existing customers from their fully equipped laboratories. OMEX can assess and advise the correct nutrient dosage, both amount and type, to be used in a specific biological treatment plant. It is also a way of giving periodical checks on the health of the overall system to enable optimum performance.

    Nutrient profiling services feature nitrogen, phosphorus and essential trace element analysis, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total solids and suspended solids and the microbiological assessment of activated sludge, providing extremely useful data for the customer.

    For example, the identification of certain indicator organisms, such as filamentous bacteria can detect problems which can be treated in advance to avoid undesirable issues in the future, in this example suspended solids and filamentous bulking.

  • Technical Support

    • Automatic Methane Potential Test System

    Sample Analysis

    OMEX offer an in-depth analysis and treatment of all the possible problems, which can occur within the wastewater treatment industry.
    This usually involves a site visit, lab analysis of the effluent, where OMEX analyse the treatment performance of the wastewater and then a trial onsite before a final tailor-made solution is formulated. 

    Methane Potential Analysis

    For anaerobic processes and biogas production, OMEX has an AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System) machine which is used for investigating optimised anaerobic digestion and biogas production capabilities.
    OMEX can predict the potential outcome of the addition of TEA (trace element additives) to a specific system to provide customer confidence before going to trial stage.

    Neutralisation Efficiency Analysis

    Assessment of neutralisation efficiency, metals removal, and sludge reduction when using magnesium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide suspensions can also be undertaken.

    Metals Analysis

    OMEX lab services include the analysis of most elements in inorganic treatment systems using a variety of techniques, such as their ICP (Inductive Coupled Plasma-Spectrophotometer) equipment for metals analysis (including essential trace elements and other metals), analysis for low and high concentrations of total nitrogen (Ammonia/Urea/Nitrogen), and a variety of other chemical and photometric techniques.

    Report and Recommendations

    On completion of the test work an analysis report will be generated with recommendations of the appropriate chemical for the plant and proposed action (if any).
    Test procedures will be conducted according to approved methodologies that conform to techniques approved by the Department of the Environment and published under the MEWAM (Methods for the Examination of Water and Associated Materials) title.