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OMEX Environmental Ltd develop and market a range of nutrients and neutralisers for all types of wastewater treatment, including acidic wastewater treatment, sludge treatment and septicity control. Working alongside industry to ensure that any wastewater released into sewer systems, lakes, streams or other surface waters is neutralized before allowing it to be discharged or treated further in biological processes, such as anaerobic or activated sludge. Helping companies to avoid fines and other costly consequences that can result with effluent discharge. OMEX also work alongside the major UK water authorities providing their septicity and odour control solutions. Products are available in the UK and for export worldwide.

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Wastewater treatment facility

pH Neutralization In
Industrial Wastewater

Neutralization of wastewater is a critical step in most industrial wastewater treatment processes. There are a multitude of regulatory requirements regarding wastewater discharge.

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Wastewater treatment facility

Septicity Control
In Sewage Water

Without suitable treatment, sewage and wastewater can damage the environment and create public health problems. One of the problems associated with this is odour complaints.

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OMEX operate under registered quality standards including BSI 9001:2015 and Achilles Verify ensuring they achieve consistently high operational performance from sourcing raw materials, to manufacture, through to supply.

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We have worked for a number of years with Omex Environmental who supply products for our waste water treatment plant. We have a sound professional relationship with them and they provide a prompt and efficient service. Colin Ward
Waste Water Technician, Muntons Malt

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