August 2, 2023 10:11 am Published by LauraG

OMEX Environmental Ltd has officially achieved its ISO 14001 certification. This certification is a testament to OMEX’s commitment to delivering outstanding customer service while also maintaining environmentally sustainable practices. The certification was recently awarded in addition to the company’s existing ISO 9001 certification – a further demonstration of OMEX’s drive for operational excellence, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement.

By achieving the ISO 14001 certification, OMEX has demonstrated its adherence to international environmental standards and the best practices for managing environmental risks. The certification evaluates an organisation’s environmental management system, ensuring that they are actively seeking to reduce their environmental impact and safeguarding the sustainability of the environment.

This is exemplified by their proactive approach to managing environmental risks, minimising waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all areas of the business. In addition, the company is steadfastly committed to ongoing education and training programmes for its employees, ensuring everyone understands their part in the company’s environmental and sustainability objectives.

OMEX understands that their clients seek environmentally sustainable business solutions in line with their own values and environmental commitments. By obtaining the ISO 14001 certification, OMEX can assure its customers that they are not only receiving high quality service, but that their environmental impact is continually being assessed, monitored and improved.

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