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Don’t slip up this Winter….be prepared with OMEX deicers!

With the temperature dropping it’s time to start thinking about winter and your industrial deicer requirements. OMEX deicers offer clean, simple and accurate application. Extremely effective and non-corrosive for both deicing and anti-icing. OMEX deicers can be used in a wide variety of locations including industrial sites, walkways, bridges, airports, car parks and sports grounds.

Although many domestic snow and ice clearance problems can be addressed with salt-based products, industrial situations require a more specialised, non-corrosive deicer solution. By satisfying industry standard compliance requirements and continually refining manufacturing methods, OMEX has been able to develop products suitable for specific environments.

Industrial Deicers

The OMEX range of deicers include Surefoot, a high-performance liquid deicer for use on footpaths and public thorough-fares, Isomex, a liquid deicer used in sensitive areas such as airports, industrial sites and elevated reinforced structures where corrosion can be a problem and Isomelt, a powerful, solid deicer which starts to work immediately, rapidly drilling through ice and snow.

Minimising impact on the environment is a prime consideration in the development of OMEX deicers; they are non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. This green approach to deicing does not compromise product performance and the range provides extremely effective deicing performance in the most severe winter conditions.

For application rates and further information on how our products can help you contact our sales team today deicers@omex.com or visit our Deicer page for further information.

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