July 8, 2020 10:46 am Published by LauraG

The optimisation of the anaerobic digestion process by ensuring the optimum parameters for the operations and health of the digestate biology, is now a globally accepted and adopted practice. The addition of essential supplements like micronutrients, enzymes and iron has shown proven results in increasing biogas production and methane content in the biogas stream.

The addition of enzymes to anaerobic digestion plants is a technology applied to various sectors such as the agricultural industry, to augment the quality and manufacturing accuracy of the end-products.

OMEX has made this technology available to anaerobic digestion within the UK as the sole distributor of DSM Enzymes, a producer of specialised enzymatic products to effectively consume substrates with a high dry matter content. Axiase and MethaPlus improve biogas production, reduce viscosity and minimise mixing issues in digesters.

Similarly, the addition of micronutrients has been acknowledged by the anaerobic digestion industry and has been successfully applied to produce enhanced biogas and methane content. This technology has also been implemented into the agricultural sector to increase crop yield and plant stamina.

Another augmentation technology for anaerobic digestion is iron supplementation for the reduction of hydrogen sulphide. Over the years and following incidents of digesters corroding, the biogas community has looked towards safer alternatives and the successful case has been made for the use of powdered iron hydroxide products.

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