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Optimise AD plant production

Anaerobic Digestion is one of the main processes which produces renewable energy in the form of biogas. This process involves the treatment of wastewater and organic solid wastes such as municipal, food, agriculture crop, animal waste and a variety of other wastes like sewage sludge, converting the organic portion to biogas.

In order to perform this process, and for anaerobic plants to operate effectively, they require a variety of nutrients for the micro-organisms to grow and function properly. However, it is often the case that anaerobic digesters and biogas plants are lacking in these vital micronutrients which means they do not work at their optimum. This can lead to poor COD and/or organic solids removal, elevated VFA levels, bacterial slime production, poor microbial growth and poor granulation in UASB type reactors.

To combat these potential anaerobic conditions, OMEX has developed a range of bio available micronutrient solutions to optimise microbial performance in anaerobic digesters, wastewater treatment and biogas plants.

Active Fe

Active FE bottle

What It Is:

The Active Fe range is a range of non-hazardous iron products supplied to the anaerobic industry for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels in the fermenter.

What To Expect:

Active Fe binds the hydrogen sulphide immediately before formation therefore allowing the AD process to occur uninhibited resulting in optimal biogas yields and methane content. Active Fe also prevents acidification and corrosion of the tank and metal parts.


Nutromex TEA

What It Is:

Nutromex TEA consists of a range of bio available micronutrient supplements created for the anaerobic digester market. These Trace Element Additives provide a wide range of essential trace elements, in a form fully bio-available in anaerobic conditions, to optimise system performance. The enhanced bio availability of Nutromex TEA is the key to its proven performance.

What To Expect:

The essential elements in Nutromex TEA help to increase biogas production, increase methane content of biogas, decrease digester VFA content and increase profitability.


DSM Enzymes

What It Is:

OMEX is the official UK distributor for DSM Biogas. DSM Biogas developed enzyme solutions for biogas application in order to improve the efficiency of fermentation, mainly of fibre rich substrates or more substantial cereal based fibre substrates, in biogas production.

What To Expect:

Detailed knowledge of varying substrates allows us to apply our enzymes optimally so that the economics of biogas production are improved. The effectiveness of these products has been proven by many investigations and case studies, visit DSMs’ website for further information.


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