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Optimising the WWT process

At OMEX we understand the importance of keeping the wastewater treatment facility at optimum performance. Below our operations manager, Dimitris Theodoridis, highlights the key points to achieve the best performance from your WWT plant:

Keep the biology strong and healthy

In order for the plant to function, the first area to look at is ensuring the biology is “happy”. Keeping the biology in working condition enables the plant to work, so this should usually be the first point to check on any site managers checklist. If the biology isn’t getting all the necessary elements it needs, such as adequate food, aeration and nutrition, the plant will subsequently fail and lose performance, this can in turn lead to wastewater being discharged with certain measured parameters being out of consent.

Nutrient Profiling

The best way to assess the biology in the plant is to analyse it. OMEX offer full technical support and provide facilities to assess the performance of the bacteria in the plant. The fully accredited OMEX labs are able to offer an in-depth analysis and treatment of all the possible problems, which can occur within the wastewater treatment industry. OMEX technical staff will collect a set of samples to establish the status of the biological process.

Technical Advice

Once a full nutritional analysis of the plant has been undertaken, results should be analysed and discussed with a technical expert, who is able to advise on the best course of action to improve and optimise the process. The OMEX technical sales team are able to assess the plant via lab analysis and in depth discussion with the site operator/manager to gain a thorough understanding of any issues the plant is experiencing. Once this process is completed a tailored product programme is put together, along with recommendations and appropriate dosing rates to achieve the desired outcome.

WWT Process | OMEX Environmental

Key OMEX products for WWT

OMEX offer a full range of products to help with the optimisation of the wastewater treatment process, including:

  • Magmex – an environmentally friendly pH neutraliser. In addition, Magmex contains certain compounds that are beneficial nutrients needed by the biology within the plant
  • Nutromex N&P (Plus)- strengthens the biology, stabilises performance and enables a more effective breakdown of the organic content in the raw wastewater
  • Micromex – when the plant is lacking in the number of microorganisms needed to process, Micromex is able to augment the biology cultures, effectively breaking down the unwanted organics
  • Anomex – in activated sludge processes there is a risk of hydrogen sulphide in the sludge storage tank, Anomex is used to minimise the risk of sludge becoming septic
  • Deicers – a range of non-corrosive deicers
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