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OMEX Deicers

Although many domestic snow and ice clearance problems can be addressed with salt-based products, industrial situations require a more specialised, non-corrosive deicer solution.

OMEX manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of non-corrosive, biodegradable deicing products. This selection of non-hazardous, non-toxic materials includes everything from liquid deicers for roads and walkways, to solid granular deicers for use in areas with limited access and spreading issues. Liquid deicers offer amazing application accuracy with rapid, long lasting performance, solids can be applied with conventional spreading equipment or manually.

  • Products that can be used as a proactive, preventative application “anti-icing” as well as a reactive application “de-icing”
  • Highly effective solids; once applied will cause a temperature rise small enough to de-ice faster. As a result, over time lower application quantities will be required, ie lower usage on second application when deicing
  • Powerful performance with lower dose rates
  • Active at low temperatures, significantly lower than salt
  • No abrasive effect on surface or line markings

OMEX Deicing Solutions

Cryotech NAAC

A prilled non-corrosive deicer based on anhydrous sodium acetate. The spherical granule shape means NAAC® spreads very evenly, thoroughly treating all areas that are inaccessible to a sprayer.


A glycol based deicer, approved to the latest deicing standards and offering negligible impact on carbon brakes.


Conventional liquid deicers popular in civil and military airports.


A granular, non-corrosive deicer based on anhydrous sodium formate. Fully approved for application to airport runways and also ideal for sensitive structures, such as multi-storey car parks and bridges.


A high performance liquid deicer for use on footpaths and public thorough-fares, any situation where ice poses a risk to pedestrians and users.


The Benefits of using Non-corrosive Deicers for your WWT plant

  • Minimise the effects of corrosion on important structural elements like concrete and steel
  • Minimise the effects of chloride toxicity and nutrient absorption in aquatic and biological systems, e.g. rivers, lakes and biological effluent treatment plants
  • Minimise the effects of acidification of groundwater
  • Minimise the effects of osmotic stress, flowering and seed germination, shoot growth and nutritional vulnerabilities to foliars and vegetation
  • Control ice to lower temperatures, as chloride-based deicers have temperature limitations
  • Highly biodegradable due to their organic base and bioavailability, providing easily digested COD content for biological efluent treatment systems



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